This, Fantasies, Art

This, Fantasies, Art was developed as a multi-layered process during 2021-2022 between Litó Walkey, Sara Kaaman and Izabella Borzecka*, as part of the curatorial project Publishing as Choreography that aspires to engage conversations about publishing practices in and through choreography.

Our collaboration began with an invitation from Izabella to Litó during a conversation in the courtyard of Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin. We browsed through books and talked about publishing practices. Izabella wondered what a publication could do in choreography and how and where performative publications could be practiced. Litó considered how the interstitial constellation of choreographic processes could be relayed and extended through the pages of a publication. These conversations evolved with Sara, whose interactive sensibilities of graphic design, publishing, and performative thought rendered our conversations and collaborative processes into its current form.

The publication approaches the printed page as a performative venue. It activates and reflects expanded choreographic practices as ongoing, response-making, re-formulating, re-mediating, emerging, and disappearing movements. 

It invites you into the continuation of these movements, either between yourself and the traveling pages, in dialogue with us, or elsewhere.

There are only a few copies left of This, Fantasies, Art. If you are interested in the publication, please reach out to

Published by: PAM
ISBN: 978-91-519-8461-2
Text: Litó Walkey
Artifacts: Florian Feigl, Ayse Orhon, Nicola van Straaten, Litó Walkey
Images & Drawings: Litó Walkey & Sara Kaaman
Editing: Izabella Borzecka, Litó Walkey, Sara Kaaman
Copy editing: Lisa Klevemark
Graphic design: Sara Kaaman
Typefaces: Fraunces, Standard, Compagnon, RIP, Redaction
Printed by: Greif, Estonia 2022
With support from: Kulturbryggan

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