Reading edge is a library dedicated to the field of knowledge processed within choreography, dance, performance, and movement-based practices. Reading edge focuses on independent and self-published publications by small-scale organizations, micro-publishers, or individual artists. In this constantly growing collection, you can find artists’ books, magazines, zines, online publications, time-based media, and other related art books in experimental materials and formats. 

Reading edge takes its form as a non-circulating library, a mobile installation, and a digital platform. As an audience, you are invited to move with the library, in its multiple formations, to read, reflect, discuss, or rest. Reading edge aims to expand the notion of what a publication is and can do. The ambition is to gather a diverse collection, and present public programs that activate publications and publishing practices. 

From September 2022, Reading edge is hosted at MDT in Stockholm. Between 2018-2020 Reading edge was hosted at, Stockholm.  

Printed and digital publications are continuously accepted to Reading edge. Please fill out this form and follow the further instructions if you would like to contribute. Visit to browse and search the library catalog.

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