‘dead dead document’ choreography and publication release with Reading Edge

“dead dead document” is a choreography including a publication release in collaboration with Reading edge’s mobile library. 

Across three hours, “dead dead document” opens up a space within and between the two studios on the ground floor of MDT, once constructed for the Swedish Navy at Östra Brobänken. The audience is invited to spend time with dance and text, come and go, read and eat soup.

Here a range of materials co-exist in choreography that gathers together dance, text and sound, all of which carry memories from a process fragmented between differing times and places. The work was initiated by Brekke back in 2021 and since then it has been developed with dance artists Lisa Schåman, based in Stockholm and Tuuli Vahtola based in Helsinki. The group has researched ideas and developed practices that centre forms of waste and byproducts as resilient actors and poetic landscapes.
“dead dead document” asks questions about when the dance begins and ends, and experiments with critical and playful approaches to the problem of documenting and archiving dance. “dead dead document” is a continuation of the choreographer Oda Brekke’s inquiry into dance and its production of traces that has taken earlier form through pieces such as “When there’s only surface left”(2021) and “Cut: a choreo-essay” (2023).

This is the first time Reading Edge’s mobile library is being used in an installation in a performance, and we are very excited to provide this context to the collaboration and the work with publication and choreography that Oda Brekke presents.

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