Second wave Delta – an ocean call: Water-body with Melody Panosian
June 15th, 6-9pm, Weld, Stockholm

Responding to the publication ”Delta – an ocean call”, and its different perspectives on water, Meldy will share share her work on sound and movement through different exercises, such as investigating power relations (interconnection and agency), being perceived and perceiving, riddle-like poems, butoh-inspired sound perception exercises, breath, voice-meditation and movement.

Sax/Reading edge pop-up
April 22-24th, 12.00-17.00, Färgkontoret, Lövholmsgränd 12, Stockholm.

Are you interested in the relationship between words/text and movement? Do you want to get acquainted with publications in the field of dance and choreography? Do you have your own publication that you would like to share? Join us at Färgkontoret to look, read, practice, and discuss publications about scores, performance instructions, and directives from the Reading edge library.

Release #1 Delta - an ocean call

March 25th, 14.00-19.30, Index - the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm

Featuring Cyanotype print workshop with dance artist Alice MacKenzie, collective listening to "Chosen by the Barnacles" by dancer/choreographer Sindri Runudde and reading by curator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris followed by a conversation and rainy hangout.

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